Frequently Asked Questions


There are many questions so here are some answers to the most common.

  • I am a direct sales vendor for a large company. Can I sell my products at the market?
    • No  - direct sales vendors are not allowed at the market. This is for  farmers and those selling locally made goods related to farming.
  • I make crochet dolls/hand sewn pillowcases/custom beaded jewelry. Can I have a table at the market?
    • New for 2019 - we now have a crafters' space available at the market. This is open to craft vendors from Franklin and the immediate surrounding towns on a first come first serve basis.  You must contact the market manager a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your desired date to attend the market.  Restrictions will apply. Contact market manager for full details (see Contact Us page).
  • I make amazing cookies/brownies/cakes and everyone says they are the best. Can I sell them at the market?
    • All food items must be prepared in a board of health certified kitchen. Each vendor must be able to obtain a BOH permit prior to any prepared food sales. Home kitchens are not acceptable food preparation areas for public consumption.
  • Wouldn't the market be better on a Saturday? Why don't you switch to the weekend?
    • Just  as many people that want the market on the weekend, love having it on  Friday. Our vendors are often at markets multiple days during the week  and Fridays have proven to be excellent days in Franklin. If you are heading away for a summer weekend, stop at the market first so you have the freshest goods for your summer cookout.
  • Can you change the hours? I can't make it there by 6.
    • While  we are sorry that you can't get there until later, our vendors are  tired. The market starts at Noon to accommodate lunch times for many  local businesses. There is then the after school crowd in the mid  afternoon and finally all those that get out of work in the early  evening. Unfortunately, business slows down by 6PM on Fridays in the  summer and after a long summer day at the market, our vendors need the  time to pack up, travel home and finish their day. Once fall starts, it gets pretty dark by the time our vendors are heading home. Your understanding is  greatly appreciated.
  • I have a charity/non-profit organization in/near Franklin. Can I have a table to promote my group?
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    • This  is up to each individual vendor. There are many vendors that accept credit cards. However, please be aware that cash and check are  appreciated whenever possible. It costs the vendor money every time a  credit card is processed. Cash payments go directly to the vendor to  help support their continued business.